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Paintless Dent Removal

Rims and Trims are a Paintless Dent Removal company which remove dents at your residence, place of work or at our Workshop located in Leeds.

At a fraction of the cost charged at Car Body shops - Paintless Dent Removal or PDR is the technique used for removing dents from your vehicle, without the need of repainting.

No need to claim on your insurance or the inconvenience of losing your car for days on end. The cost for repair using the PDR method is usually cheaper than most excess charges.

Repairs can be carried out within a very short period of time. Your car can be restored back to its original condition providing the original paintwork is not cracked or broken. Our PDR specialists can remove all kinds of dents ranging from small minor dents to the larger dents .

Paintless Dent Removal has been used by the motor industry for many years, but still so many people are unaware of the PDR technique, and are unable to take advantage of this cost effective option when it comes to removing dents from a vehicle.

Removing the dents, without the expense.

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For a no obligation quote for any dents you may have on your vehicle, why not send us a photo, our specialists will take a look, assess and send a quotation back to you.
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