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Alloy wheel repair and renovation in leeds, yorkshire


  1. Are all your repairs guaranteed
    Yes. All our repairs are guaranteed against poor workmanship and materials, however you must follow our recommended guidelines for looking after your Alloy wheels.
  2. What is an average cost for repair.
    The average cost to repair a painted alloy wheel with standard paint finish and general scuffing would be in the region of £45-£55 per wheel. This price can vary if the damage is particularly heavy or the colour is non standard i.e. chrome paint in which case specialist matching is required and extra cost incured.
  3. How long does a wheel take to refurbish.
    Using the latest techniques for renovating Alloy wheels we can repair wheels in 1 to 2 hours.
  4. Are my wheels painted or Diamond cut?
    Diamond cut wheels have very faint lines on the polished surface, similar to grooves in an old style record. Painted alloy wheels usually have a fine metallic finish.
  5. Can split rim wheels be repaired
    Yes, usualy there is no problem repairing split rim wheels. However due to the extra time taken to repair these wheels aditional cost is incured.
  6. Will you re balance my wheel when you have finished the repair.
    Rebalancing will be carried out if we have to remove your tyre. Many repairs can be carried out by simply breaking the bead on the tyre and simply re inflating the tyre after the repair process, eliminating the need for balancing.
  7. Can you straighten bent alloys.
    Yes we can in most cases. Each alloy will be inspected for suitability for straightening to ensure the wheel is safe for repair. The straightening process requires the tyres to be removed, due to this balancing will be carried out on all wheels and this is included in the price.
  8. Can you supply tyres
    Yes we can supply tyres by most tyre manufacturers and we are always happy to quote for new tyres. All tyres supplied and fitted will have balancing carried out within the quoted price.
  9. I am having new tyres fitted to my wheels, should i have the tyres fit before renovation or after.
    It i best to have tyres fit first, due to the fact that wheels are more likely to be damaged during tyre fitting than through road damage. Why not let us quote for your tyres and we will fit them and repair them at the same time, saving you time and probably money.

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